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Grant of Probate: The Quickest, Most Efficient and Cost-Effective Way to Obtain a Probate After Somebody Has Died

When a family member or close friend passes away, it can be a difficult time for all involved. Should you be named as a next of kin or an executor in their will or be determined as the person responsible for dispersing ownership of assets, such as properties owned or money in the bank, slow legal processes and monotonous probate service providers only add to what is already a difficult challenge.

Affinion Probate specailise in probate and estate administration services with a difference. Set up with the sole purpose of making attaining a grant of probate or letter of administration a much less daunting prospect, their speed, efficiency and customer care has made them the UK’s number one probate provider on Trustpilot.

Below, we outline what a probate is, how the process works, and how Affinion Probate can fast-track your application process within just 5 works days: https://www.affinionprobate.co.uk/probate-services/grant-of-probate-2/

  • What is a probate?

A probate is a legal document that gives you, the next of kin or the executor, the legal authority to release and administer ownership of assets belonging to the deceased.

If you’ve been named in the will as the person who should administer the ownership of assets, and the value of the estate owned by the deceased is over the valid threshold, you will still need to attain a grant of probate. If there is no will, a letter of administration will be required (sometimes called a grant of representation).

  • How do Affinion Probate help you gain a grant of probate or letter of administration?

A complex process is followed to achieve a grant of probate. Affinion Probate can make this far less complex with help from their dedicated case managers.

Initially, all the assets, such as properties, finances and possessions are identified. Liabilities such as debts and loans are also considered, to determine the true value of the estate. Applications are submitted to HMRC and the Probate Registry and inheritance tax, income tax and capital gains tax are settled, to determine the balance and assets left for distribution.

During this time, a grant of probate will be issued. Documents are prepared detailing all the incomings and outgoings, providing the next of kin or executor a view of what assets remain and can be distributed, for approval.

  • Why are Affinion Probate the UK’s most popular choice for probate services on Trustpilot?

As mentioned above, the legal process and services from High Street solicitors can be painstakingly slow. Affinion Probate are the UK’s most popular choice on Trustpilot because:

  • They guarantee to submit your application to HMRC and the Probate Registry within 5 working days (compared to 2 months for a High Street solicitor application)
  • You are provided with a dedicated case manager
  • You don’t need to visit a solicitor’s office – specialist consultants are available 7 days a week to speak via the phone
  • The best service for the best price – price matching every service they provide
  • There is a £489 fixed and inclusive fee (this small fee never changes)
  • They donate proportions of profits to well-known UK charities, including Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation
  • Their team of 21 experienced probate consultants, paralegals and qualified solicitors complete the probate application, relevant inheritance tax forms, claim applicable relief from HRMC, calculate inheritance tax liability and obtain the grant of probate or letters of administration on your behalf.

Alongside the reasons listed above, the biggest reason people choose Affinion Probate is because they handle the application, so you don’t have to. Their experienced and specialist team save you the time and effort it takes to handle the process, providing peace of mind when it comes to knowing that it’s all being done correctly and efficiently.


About Affinion Probate:

Affinion Probate is a trading name of Affinion Partnership Ltd. Affinion Probate offer a range of Probate and Estate Administration services and provide free guidance on the practical matters that need to be considered following a bereavement. Our expert advisors take the time to understand your personal situation and what matters to you most. We are efficient, accurate and fast, as we specialise in providing Probate services and nothing else. Learn more via the website: https://www.affinionprobate.co.uk/

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/grant-of-probate-the-quickest-most-efficient-and-cost-effective-way-to-obtain-a-probate-after-somebody-has-died/

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About Affinion Probate

Affinion Probate offer a range of Grant of Probate and Estate Administration services. We also provide free guidance on the practical matters that need to be considered following a bereavement through Affinion Bereavement Services.

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