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The Tool Report Proudly Announces Its Recent Acquisition of Decipher Forensics

The Tool Report is excited to announce its recent acquisition of Decipher Forensics, marking a significant milestone in the business.

This new development will allow The Tool Report to utilize expertise in computer and cell phone forensics and security, data and password recovery, application security testing services, and hacking protection for customers. This way, the company can offer up-to-date content that helps users to truly understand phone apps and recognize the inherent security and privacy risks linked to them.

In addition, the Tool Report plans to offer customers valuable software solutions (e.g., parental control options) to protect themselves and their loved ones both online and offline. This is an exciting merger, and you can learn more here.

Cyber threats during Covid-19

With citizens being encouraged to spend more time at home and work from home if possible, now is the moment to focus on cybersecurity for both personal or work-related online activities. Cyber criminals have taken advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic. As organizations adapt to remote working, there has been a significant increase in data breaches, with Tessian suggesting that 47% of employees have blamed distractions at home as the reason for falling for email phishing scams.

Are you worried about your cyber security being breached? By merging with Decipher Forensics, The Tool Report is in a great position to help you protect your data and network from a variety of cyber threats. The knowledgeable team will help you prepare for a cyber-attack, investigate and identify the threat, contain the threat, then eradicate the threat. They can also help you recover as much lost data as possible.

Added value for you

By acquiring Decipher Forensics, The Tool Report can provide even more value to customers thanks to the additional software expertise this brings to the table. The team can now proudly offer a full range of computer forensics and security services, such as:

  • Cell phone forensics, data recovery and security
    • Protection from spying apps and other malware
    • Text message monitoring
    • Data recovery
    • Cell phone GPS tracking with real-time data
    • Parental control solutions
    • Social media forensics and popular app analysis
  • Computer forensics, data recovery and security
    • Protection from spying apps and other malware
    • Parental control solutions to ensure kids’ safety
    • Data and password recovery
      • Fast turnaround times
      • Advanced software that can recover data even under difficult circumstances

So, if you’re in need of cyber forensics services and expertise, don’t hesitate to contact the team today!


More information

The Tool Report started out as a website dedicated to discussing tools, but has since grown to encompass reviews and information on other products that are useful for families to have at home such as sewing machines, quilting machines, software, and more.

To find out more, please head to the website at https://www.thetoolreport.com. You can also get in touch by calling (352) 218 1092.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/the-tool-report-proudly-announces-its-recent-acquisition-of-decipher-forensics/

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